Our mission at Bee Happy Natives, established April 2023,  is to bring awareness of Florida native plants, provide education to the benefits of these plants, and increase access to our neighbors in Zephyrhills and the surrounding areas. 

Hi there, my name is Kevin. My son, Cameron, and I have been learning and growing more passionate about Florida native plants over the past few years. I've always been into gardening, started by dabbling with fruits and vegetables, then moved into food forestry, became fascinated by permaculture and regenerative farming, and have grown a passion for the benefits that come with using native plants. After working in retail for 20+ years and picturing doing that for another 20 before retiring, I decided to follow my passion and open a native plant nursery in Pasco County since I was having to drive an hour in any direction to find a nursery that carries native plants. 

Taking this kind of leap can be scary and I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and most importantly without trusting that this is the plan the Lord has for me. I believe He placed this passion on my heart and I have seen Him move in incredible ways to make this jump possible. James 3:17-18

Many thanks for your support - my family (and the bees) thank you!